Mustard Free Best Vegan Mac n Cheese

Thanksgiving is fast approaching here in the United States and that means a feast. Being assigned to bring mac n cheese to the festivities is a high honor. It typically requires 5+ years of experience and 3 references to even be considered for the role. Your chances of being selected are even higher if someone calls you grandma. However not everyone’s stomachs or conscience can tolerate this classic dish. This vegan mac n cheese version is sure to bring smiles to those who have long since tasted the gooey, savory, pasta dish.

My mom who is not vegan or dairy free said of this recipe, ” wow that’s really good!” This vegan mac n cheese has protein from the silken tofu, and a beautiful color from the orange pepper and tomato paste. The roasted garlic brings a depth of flavor and savory element. With al dente noodles all your family and friends are sure to appreciate it regardless of dairy free status.

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