Gluten free and Vegan sugar cookies

The Best Gluten Free and Vegan Sugar Cookies

This Classic Holiday treat just got *allergy Free! Yummy Gluten Free and Vegan Sugar Cookies Sugar cookies are a holiday staple. Whether it’s Independence Day, Christmas, Valentines Day, or any other holiday you can be sure that sugar cookies will make their appearance. These gluten free and vegan sugar cookies will brighten any holiday or …

apple cheese danish

Best Ever Easy Cinnamon Apple Cheese Danish

Fall favorite! A simple apple cheese Danish pastry your whole family will love! Fall is by far my favorite season. There’s something so inexplicably beautiful about the trees producing an exciting array of colors before winter. If you’re a “fall girly/guy” like me than you know that fall flavors reign supreme in the world of …

vegan chocolate frosting

Vegan chocolate frosting, easy, creamy, fluffy.

If you’re anything like me frosting can be its own food group. A good frosting can be the difference between an edible cake and a sublime cake. I’m personally not a fan of the shortening tasting buttercreams that can be found from most stores. This easy vegan chocolate frosting is sure to please. Your family …

mango cupcakes

Easy Mango Cupcakes with White Chocolate Mango Buttercream

Do you have some ripe mangos sitting on your counter and aren’t sure what to do with them? Or maybe you have a craving for a tropical cake? Mango cupcakes are the perfect solution! They are moist and sweet and utterly delicious! With a hint of cardamom for a bit of spice (optional but highly …


Easy, Vegan, High Protein Banana Pancakes

Healthy breakfasts just got easy! Nothing says breakfast like pancakes. The problem is that they are low in protein, so they don’t leave you satisfied for long. These high protein banana pancakes have 16 grams (approximately) of protein per serving. They are also packed full of omega 3, fiber, magnesium and potassium. Compared to a …